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Protect your investment

Problem: You live in a ban state or are moving into one.

Have you noticed great sales on firearms related items only to see it can't be shipped to California or any ban state? Don't miss out on great sales. Surplus mags, ak kits, and so on. Maybe a the full kit can't shipped to you directly, ship to me I'll pull out the banned item and ship or store the rest as needed. Every time bad gun news comes out prices rise and stock is hard to find. Hedge your bets by ordering now and shipping to the safety of Freedoms Cache. I know that most of you can’t just pick up and move at the drop of a hat. Plans need to be made and lined up. Maybe you retire in a few short years. Whatever your future holds make sure nothing jeopardizes your personal freedom while you move toward your goals.


As a former Californian I know the struggle of the modern firearms enthusiast. The state government continues to pass draconian laws aimed squarely at you. Do you have family and friends that know what you have in stock? Can they be trusted to maintain confidentiality when the government offers rewards for anonymous tips? Many companies simply cannot or won’t risk shipping items to you. No longer can you get the spare parts you need or want for magazines and certain firearms. Even blowguns and catalytic convertors. As a law abiding citizen you want to stay on the right side of the jail bars, but you don’t want to register, turn in, or sell at fire sale prices the items you’ve acquired over the years. Current California legislation being worked on is scary. Registration of all semi auto rifles is coming. Full capacity magazine bans and confiscation are coming. Bullet button bans are coming, ammunition shipping bans are coming. The tipping point has been reached and you know you’re going to be leaving as soon as possible with many other tax paying citizens for states that better appreciate its citizens and abide by the Constitution.

Solution: Have your items shipped to the Freedom Cache and safely stored.

Keep your items safe till you can move out of state and join them. Keep up the fight but stay legal. What can you put in it, anything legal? Full capacity magazines and kits. Ammunition. Firearms kits (no receivers). Whatever you like with exception of drugs and 100% firearms receivers. We will store anything you want and maintain as you request, just contact us for special needs. Maybe you're military and need something better the ready storage and thieves market of most towns. We are 24/7 on site and well able to keep things safe from most problems as they arise. 

When your dream of moving out to a free state becomes reality contact us and we'll ship your items to you for the exact cost of shipping and materials or you can pick them up on your way by.

What’s it cost? $5 a month, $50 a year.

Fill a standard banker’s box 12x10x15. Alternate storage options available as needed. We will pack your box and send you a picture of the inside contents. Humidity and temperature controlled. We can also handle your privately locked boxes if needed. This a great option if you’re leaving the country and need a place store your important items till you return.


Where are we? The middle of the country Rolla Missouri protected by the Missouri and US Constitutions. Interstate close, safe from fire, storm, floods, earthquakes, and most other trouble.


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© Freedoms Cache - A place to safely store your equipment investment for the future. Protect your rights for the future fight by staying a law abiding citizen.